Dunkirk Democratic Committee awards scholarship to local student

Submitted Photo Pictured from left: Dunkirk High School Principal Steve O'Brien, Leyxsli Bautista and Bob Bankoski.

The Dunkirk Democratic Committee announced that it awarded Leyxsli Bautista a $350 scholarship from the Dunkirk Democratic Committee scholarship fund. Bob Bankoski, the driving force behind the Scholarship Fund, met with and presented to Leyxsli, at the Dunkirk High School Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 10 a.m. Principal Steve O’Brien was present as well.

Initially, the scholarship was for $250, however, Dunkirk Councilman Mike Civiletto donated $100; thereby, increasing the scholarship for Leyxsli to $350. Thank you Mike and also to all of the Dunkirk Committee Members who made this scholarship and the entire fund possible.

Leyxsli Bautista states in her winning essay, “Becoming a young adult, voting and democracy will have a big impact on my life. Voting matters as the future is in the hands of the youth one day, and democracy is like no other as we have many freedoms.” We are honored and proud of you Leyxsli!

To learn more about the Dunkirk Democratic Committee, please visit and/or message through Facebook, Dunkirk City Democrats.