Karen Begier receives the Poummit Secretarial Award

Karen Begier with Vice President for Advancement, Engagement and Economic Development Kevin Kearns.

Karen Begier, who has been instrumental in the growth of the division of Advancement, Engagement and Economic Development since its inception five years ago at the State University of New York at Fredonia, has received the Poummit Secretarial Award.

Named in honor of Janet Marks, a former secretary to the Fredonia president, the award was presented to Ms. Begier, who holds the rank of Secretary 2, by Vice President for Advancement, Engagement and Economic Development Kevin Kearns at the 2018 fall secretarial/clerical conference. The honor recognizes an individual who has an outstanding Fredonia attitude and is also creative, resourceful, a team player and a leader, Dr. Kearns noted.

A colleague praised Begier for her inner strength, insight, competence, drive and strong work ethic, and also cited Begier as a major reason that the staff in her division is cohesive and productive. Begier demonstrates excellent initiative and leadership skills and manages to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Another colleague remarked that Begier accepts new challenges and projects, and delights in the problem-solving it takes to make them succeed. Her willingness to go above and beyond make her an invaluable asset.

Begier’s creativity has been especially helpful in designing advertising for events, developing and maintaining the division’s website and creating banners for special events. She dives into budgets and spreadsheets, and suggests resourceful ways to represent data that supports requests. Big projects are kept on schedule with friendly prods and reminders.

Initiative and leadership have been exhibited through the annual State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) campaign, which she has co-chaired for the last three years. Begier is a longtime volunteer for Chautauqua County Hospice and Palliative Care.

Begier joined Fredonia as a part-time Keyboard Specialist in Student Accounts in 1994. She was subsequently promoted in that office to full-time Keyboard Specialist in 1996 and full-time Secretary 1 in 1997. She was previously employed at Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility in Brocton.

A graduate of Brocton Central School, Begier received an associate’s degree in Medical Secretarial at Jamestown Business College.