WACS Students Raise Money for WMH Wheelchairs

Patricia Gaughan DiPalma, WMHF Executive Director stands alongside students representing the angels of WACS who raised 'Pennies from Heaven' for new wheelchairs at WMH with Mrs. Shannon Bills, Mrs. Emily Bostwick, students Danika Horton, Nathan Betts, Mrs. Lynn Morrison, student Adan Austin, Ms. Emily Colt, students Desiree Bowen, Hunter McKay, Madison Cettell and WMH President Valarie Jackson. Missing from photo is student Mason Peters.

WESTFIELD — Westfield Academy and Central School (WACS) students presented two gifts totaling $1,765.16 to the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation to help purchase wheelchairs needed at Westfield Memorial Hospital.

A remarkable $1,055.16 was raised by pre-K through 5th grade students during a friendly, spirited competition called Penny Wars over two weeks in November. Middle and high school student government pupils (grades 6 through 12) also held Penny Wars raising an impressive $710.

Penny Wars were a fundraising competition where classes collected coins and bills in an effort to score points based on the amount and denomination. Each class had a can with a wheelchair design for collecting the money. Typically coins were collected, but dollar bills were also accepted. The donations were displayed in big water jugs in the high school lobby while a large graph was hung outside the elementary school office to showcase the progress.

WACS Elementary School Principal Dr. Mary Rockey, along with her colleague, WACS Secondary Principal Mrs. Ivana Hite showed their full support by offering incentives to classes that raised the most money for the highly successful crusade. Elementary student winners will enjoy doughnuts, while winning middle and high school students will be treated to a movie in the school auditorium.

Westfield Academy and Central School Elementary Teacher, Emily Bostwick who spearheaded the elementary school fundraiser, said: “The enthusiasm for the Penny Wars was contagious and we are thrilled to see so many young students participate in such a worthy cause.”

“Having children learn the importance of giving back to one’s community hospital – especially during this approaching season of giving is commendable and we are very thankful to our neighbors, especially the students, parents, teachers and administrators, for their continued support,” said WMHF Executive Director Patricia Gaughan DiPalma. Westfield Memorial Hospital President Valarie Jackson also joined DiPalma in extending her gratitude to the entire WACS family for its wonderful gift to WMH via its foundation.

Westfield Memorial Hospital is part of the larger Saint Vincent Health System, a subsidiary member of the Allegheny Health Network. For those who would like to learn more about the hospital foundation or to give to the 2018 Annual Campaign, contact Ms. DiPalma at patricia.dipalma@ahn.org; call: 716-793-2338 or visit the foundation’s website at: www.westfieldhospitalfoundation.org.