Westfield Middle School recently announced their Students of the Month

Pictured from left to right, 6th grader Mia Resnick, 7th grader Angelle Knappenberger and 8th grader Cassidy Phillips.

On a monthly basis, Westfield Middle School honors one student at each grade level as the Student of the Month. Teachers and staff had the opportunity to nominate one student who they believed met the following criteria:

1. Follows Westfield’s Rules of Respect for staff and peers

2. Shows outstanding effort and improvement or shows achievement and consistent high scores on tests, quizzes and projects

3. Prepared daily to participate in all classes

4. Serves as a positive role model for peers

5. Demonstrates a positive attitude and good citizenship

Three students were selected as a Student of the Month for the month of November:

Mia Resnick was selected as Student of the Month for 6th grade. Mia’s favorite classes are technology and science, because she enjoys “hand on” activities the most. Outside of school, Mia takes piano lessons and likes practicing and getting better at playing. In the future, she plans on attending college, finding a successful career, and travelling the world.

At the 7th grade level, Angelle Knappenberger was named, “Student of the Month.” Angelle’s favorite classes are ELA and Science. She likes reading and writing, and also likes doing experiments and problem solving. When not in school, Angelle participates in dance at Center Stage, and her future goals are to go to college, study science, and find a job that she loves.

Cassidy Phillips was the 8th grade Student of the Month for November. Cassidy loves science (because of the labs), and ELA, because she loves to read. Cassidy plays softball, and she likes spending time outside when she’s not in school. In the future, she hopes to go to college and pursue a career in Marine Biology.