Laureate Alpha Pi holds Beginning Day

WESTFIELD – Beginning Day was held at the home of Clara Winkelman on Monday, Aug. 22.

The New Year’s year books made by Judy Stratton were passed out to each member.

The group received a thank you note from Hospice for the sorority’s donation.

Each member made her own ice cream sundae for refreshments.

On Sept. 13, the sorority gathered for a picnic after the primary election run. Each member brought snacks and desserts.

The first meeting of the year was held at the Westfield YWCA on Monday, Sept. 19. Hostesses for the meeting were Carol Link and Carol Reynolds.

A message was received from the International Beta Sigma Phi saying that Laureate Alpha Pi is a three star chapter again this year.

The sorority received a special thank you note from a friend who received a gift basket from the chapter for her illness.

A donation was sent to the nurses’ office at Westfield School for the students.

A report was made that the new fountain in Moore Park was finished. Sorority had donated money toward this and it is a beautiful addition to the park.

The next social was planned for Oct. 3 at Laura Ondreako’s home, with Sylvia Colbey helping with refreshments.

The program of the night was a recipe exchange that Barb VanDyke and Nicole Szymczak led. Each member created a dessert/appetizer and provided the recipe to Szymczak, who created a recipe booklet for everyone to take home.

The ladies sampled all the food and voted on the best recipe. Carol Best won with her bacon pierogi bites appetizer.

VanDyke awarded her with the first-ever silver spoon award that Szymczak and her husband created, and Best was also awarded a yellow apron.

Sunshine and Gifts chairman Reynolds and Judi Helman are setting up volunteers to provide meals for a couple of members who are ill.

Refreshments for the meeting were provided by Link and Reynolds.

At the end of the meeting, the members took turns talking about their summer adventures.

The next meeting was planned for Oct. 17 at the YWCA in Westfield, with VanDyke and Elna Meleen providing refreshments.


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