Silver Creek Class of 1948 plans reunion

SILVER CREEK – Does 70 sound like a good round number? Well, that is what will be celebrated at the Silver Creek High School Class of 1948’s reunion luncheon, to be held at the Colony Restaurant on Sunday afternoon on Aug. 12. Read closely, classmates, because the date has been changed. It is the second Sunday in August. Hopefully, this will not cause inconvenience for anyone.

The reunion will be held at the Colony Restaurant on Sunday at 1 p.m. so that no one has to travel in the dark.

As in the past, attendees can order drinks and food off the menu and each one will be able to pay his or her own bill.

Guests of classmates are welcome. Classmates who have anything of interest to share are encouraged to bring it along for everyone to enjoy.

Reservations are needed. Call Mary Lou Pagano at 934-3195 by Aug. 1. A photo will be taken for the newspaper, so come early so that it can be taken before the dinner.