Thule Lodge celebrates summer birthdays

Submitted Photo Shown in the photograph celebrating summer birthdays at the Thule Lodge are Tom Eckberg, lodge chairman; Edwin Sandberg, past lodge chairman and past district master; and John Sipos, lodge historian. Photograph by Susan W. Sipos of Cassadaga.

BEMUS POINT – Summer birthdays were celebrated at the recent Thule Lodge meeting. Thule Lodge, located at 4123 Pancake Hill Road, is the Swedish organization formed 111 years ago in the Jamestown/Bemus Point area to help the Swedish immigrants settle in the United States. Today, the lodge serves to preserve the Swedish heritage through cultural events and activities. At the celebration, with a specially decorated cake by Ranee Kaus of Cassadaga, Tom Eckberg, lodge chairman, Edwin Sandberg, past lodge chairman and past district master, and John Sipos, lodge historian of Cassadaga were honored. Also for the occasion were many snack foods enjoyed by all.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman Susan W. Sipos reported that the officers were in their stations, and chaplain Diane K. Shaw gave the opening and closing message. Lodge financial secretary Loretta Smith gave the financial report of the lodge. A moment of silence was for a recent long-time member who died.

Lodge cultural leader Sonja Pascatore told of a 400 year old Swedish dessert known as Spettekaka. The ingredients included potato flour, beet sugar and lots of eggs. When cooked, it was crusty and very dry, and had to be cut with a hack saw she said. Sometimes, it was 18 layers high, and the dessert was for special occasions such as weddings and births. One would just was a piece or two. The dessert is native to Skane, Holland South. A very interesting Swedish piece of history for all.

Thule Lodge always welcomes new members and wants to share the Swedish culture.