St. Francis High School announces Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

Thomas Braunscheidel, Principal of St. Francis High School, recently announced the Honor Roll of students who achieved academic honors for the Fourth Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year.

First Honors are awarded to students achieving a weighted Grade Point Average of 95 – 100+ while Second Honors are given to students averaging 90-94.990

Area students include:


First Honors:

Gavin M. Herman — Freshman

Kyle R. English — Junior

Timothy D. Maciejewski, Jr. — Senior

Second Honors:

Nathan J. Eschberger — Freshman

Tyler J. Braeuner — Junior

Joshua M. Wright — Junior

Cherry Creek

Second Honors:

Tyler B. Greenough — Senior


First Honors:

John B. Banach — Senior

Second Honors:

Patrick A. Muldowney — Senior


First Honors:

Jacob T. Markham — Freshman

Calvin R. Przybysz — Junior

Second Honors:

David W. Bartholomew — Junior

Nicholas D. Sturniolo — Junior


Second Honors:

Jacob R. Nosal — Junior


Second Honors:

Dominik K. Thomas — Senior

Nolan J. Thomas — Senior


First Honors:

Marc A. Patterson — Freshman


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