Village Hall elevator in need of repairs

Going up in Fredonia did not get voted down.

A special meeting held by the Fredonia Board of Trustees last week centered on the repair to the elevator in village hall, which has been out of service for around six weeks. “The timeline is really kind of crucial. We’ve heard from the courts and their concern about delaying court because we can’t get the elevator up and running,” Trustee EvaDawn Bashaw started. “I think, based on the timeline alone and after reviewing the scope of work for both recommendations here is that we reconsider and reappoint Elevator Maintenance at this time.”

According to Bashaw, the timeline for ThyssenKrupp Elevator, one company being looked at, was eight weeks in repair. For Elevator Maintenance Co., it was no more than three weeks.

“Those points are very similar to what I had discovered myself,” Trustee James Lynden noted. “The timeline, the cost, similar type of work. I had other thoughts. Elevator Maintenance Co., that we’ve been using for a long time for regular maintenance and check ups that we’re required by law to have and if we were going to have another company do the work the odds of them continuing with us would be slim and they were the lowest priced ones before, that’s why were were using them before.”

Newly appointed trustee Scott Johnston didn’t feel however that it was the same amount of work.

“They were proposing to replace a lot more than just the cylinder,” Johnston began. “I understand that three weeks is really attractive. My only concern is that if we’re replacing the cylinder instead of the jack that it’s in and two of the three companies said you need to replace the system not just part or the system. I do have a concern that a year from now or a couple of years from now the whole thing has to be replaced anyway and we end up spending an extra $35,000 that we didn’t need to spend that we should’ve spent the $60,000 to begin with.”

“I would rather put the money into fixing it and fixing it right, but time is of the essence and I think we should move forward with that decision and let’s plan on working in some budget numbers over the next couple of years to replace that elevator,” Trustee Roger Britz chimed in.

The resolution was passed 4-0 for Elevator Maintenance Co. to fix the elevator at a proposed cost of $36,425.


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