Hanover rec programs keep growing

HANOVER — Hanover Youth Recreation activities continue to experience a boom, as the town deputy supervisor said the interest in the activities has been encouraging.

For the summer, the village of Silver Creek will be handling the Youth Recreation program, and the Youth Recreation Committee will be starting a new program, which will be flag football.

“I told the mayor that I would like the village of Silver Creek to handle what we used to do,” Pelletter said. “It would be all the town of Hanover with participation from Forestville school district and Silver Creek school district. In the past, the town has given the village money and I would like to increase it because of increased costs. We can discuss exactly how much it is.”

Pelletter said the flag football program will be part of the NFL’s Play Football Program, which gives the town of Hanover some additional perks that Pelletter thinks will help strengthen the program.

“We’ll be getting their insurance and some other items from them,” Pelletter said. “So, the program should be relatively cost effective. … We have to follow all the NFL rules. I’m very happy about that.”

Pelletter said that it will be done at the Silver Creek Central School, but he did propose the idea to the coach in charge that it could also be held at the Silver Creek Ballfields or the Forestville Football field, incorporating the whole town into the project. Pelletter said the program being in the town will make it easier for people to participate.

“I think there’s a program in Hamburg, so our people would have to go there,” said Pelletter.

Pelletter also said there is also discussion of expanding the basketball program, because of how well it was attended in the spring. Pelletter noted they’re exploring options in the Village of Silver Creek as well as the Town in the event

“It was well attended and everyone enjoyed it,” Pelletter said. “A lot of kids don’t have access to basketball.”

The next meeting of the Hanover Town Board will be on Monday, June 13, at 7:30 p.m.


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