Winning experience

The Brocton Elementary STEM Club did a fantastic job competing in the 2024 STEM Wars, held at the Northwest Ice Area on May 22. They took home four first-place awards, one second place award, and two third place awards. The competitions included a robotics challenge, marble run challenge, poster contest, and catapult challenge. Fifth-grader Raiden Hafner took home the third place award for a RC robot he built for the Maker Faire contest. When not competing they had a chance to talk to local STEM businesses and colleges and use STEM technology and equipment such as robotic arms, VR headsets, robots, and laser engravers. Students who competed this year were: Arabella Pokoj, Nataleya Valle, Ryder Riforgiato, Brantley Galen, Brody Colt, Wyatt Karalus, Kayden Dzierzanowski, Alice Hamlet, Bentley Huber, Raiden Hafner, Jaxson Killion, Kiarra Link, and Joana VanValkenburg.


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