UPMC Chautauqua gets art from JCC

Submitted Photo

In recognition of UPMC Chautauqua as the 2018 Partner Agency of the Year by Jamestown Community College’s nursing program, JCC’s nursing program director Kathy Taydus, second from left, and JCC’s dean of arts, humanities, health sciences, and athletics Maria Kindberg, right, presented pieces created by artist Elizabeth Jameson to UPMC’s vice president of administrative services Aimee Hagerty, left, and Lorraine Diggs, vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer, and Emelia Harley, clinical director, center. Jameson’s solarplate etchings were featured in an Artist, Patient, Advocate exhibition in JCC’s Weeks Gallery. Since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis over 25 years ago, Jameson has undergone many brain scans to track the progression of her disease and reinterprets the scans as art. “Valentine,” right, is based on a coronal MRI of Jameson’s brain stem, cerebellum, and lateral ventricles. “Celebration” is based on a friend’s angiogram.