Local musicians play at the League of Women Voters centennial celebration

New Horizons flute players are Mary M. Fogarty and Carol Corcoran.
Cello players are Tegenya Graziano, Amelia Harper, Owyn Darrell-Sterbak and Adeliz Gottinger.
Submitted Photos The piano player is Trevor Napoli.

On Nov. 16 at the Buffalo History Museum, a cello quartet from Fredonia Central School made up of Owyn Darrell-Sterbak, Adeliz Gottinger, Tegenya Graziano, and Amelia Harper played at the League of Women Voters centennial celebration along with separate performances by Trevor Napoli, an 11th grade pianist, from Fredonia Central School and the New Horizons flute duo of Mary M. Fogarty and Carol Corcoran. All of these people are accomplished musicians and the LWV are appreciative of their time and talents.

The League of Women Voters of New York State was 100 years old on November 19, 2019; the LWV of the United States will be 100 years old on Feb. 14, 2020. The 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote was officially added to the U.S. Constitution on Aug. 26, 1920. Women in the State of New York got the vote on Nov. 6, 1917.

The LWV began as a way to make sure the newly enfranchised women voters knew their rights and, just as important, their responsibilities. The League is proud of its rich history tied to the suffrage movement before Seneca Falls in 1848 which launched the women’s suffrage movement and the years of struggle after that meeting. This month at the local level the LWV will be highlighting local suffragist Elanor Babcock. Her story is one of helping women find their own voices through political action at the voting booth.

The LWV continues to encourage all voters to be informed and actively participate in government. It has also been an organization entrusted to register and inform voters, moderate candidate events, and to educate and engage the public. The League is also a recognized leader in advocating for an ethical, transparent, and representative government.

The LWV looks forward to the future as we continue to engage and empower voters, and defend our democracy.


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