Art & Architecture in the Opera House Screening Room

On the Couch by Federico Zandomeneghi is one of the pieces of art featured in “Secret Impressionists” hosted on the 1891 Fredonia Opera House website.

The 1891 Fredonia Opera House Performing Arts Center has added a new film from its Art & Architecture Series that can be streamed online in the Opera House Screening Room

The Opera House Screening Room provides movies and other digital programming online to its patrons in the wake of the continued COVID restrictions which have restricted the theatre’s opening. The cost of streaming the films varies, depending on the film. The revenue generated is shared by the Opera House and the film studios.

“Since we are not yet reopened, this is one way of providing our patrons with access to programming, and of generating income for the Opera House to help ensure its survival,” said Rick Davis, Opera House executive director.

Secret Impressionists tells the story of the art revolution at the core of the Impressionist movement, through an exploration of 50 legendary paintings — hidden treasures previously inaccessible to the general public, now on display in Rome for the very first time. How did the Impressionists view the world? How was their work received? How did they go from being rejected by critics and the public to becoming, in just a few short years, some of the best loved works of art in the world?

Featuring the Rome exhibition’s head curators, and compelling analyses made by experts, historians and artists Secret Impressionists will illuminate the Impressionist movement and uncover hidden gems of Monet, Degas, Renoir, Manet, CÈzanne, and many other genius artists whose work has lived on long after their deaths.

Also still showing is The Outside Story – while on a tight deadline, an introverted editor (Brian Tyree Henry) is locked out of his apartment. In order to find his way back inside, he’s forced to interact with the last thing he wants to — his neighbors.

In Our Time Machine, shaken by the news of his father’s dementia, artist Maleonn creates “Papa’s Time Machine,” a wondrous time-travel adventure performed on stage with life-size mechanical puppets. Through the play’s production, he confronts his own mortality. Maleonn finds grace and unexpected joy in this moving meditation on art, the agonies of love and loss, and the circle of life.

Francesco features unprecedented access to His Holiness Pope Francis, providing an intimate look at a global leader who approaches challenging and complex issues with tremendous humility, wisdom and generosity towards all.

For over a decade, ShortsTV has proudly brought the Oscar-Nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe. This exclusive release features the year’s most spectacular short films and for a limited time, is available to watch in virtual cinemas. Each nominee is released in one of three distinct feature-length compilations according to their category of nomination: Live Action, Animation or Documentary.

Also still available is Traci Langworthy’s For The Vote: Two Profiles in Woman’s Courage, which tells of Dunkirk’s Elnora Babcock and Jamestown’s Edith Ainge and the role each played in the long-fought battle for women’s right to vote. It represents a continuation of the Chautauqua County History Lecture Series and can be streamed for free, although donations are accepted.

The Opera House Screening Room is found on the Opera House web site at www.fredopera.org. Links for each film take the patron to third-party studio sites for ticket purchase. Tickets are per household. Patrons are able to view films on nearly any mobile device, smart TV, laptop or computer.

The 1891 Fredonia Opera House is a member-supported not-for-profit organization located in Village Hall in Fredonia. Currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the theatre is offering a variety of digital program offerings.


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