Pagano family celebrates 64 years at reunion

Winners of the 2018 Pagano Family Reunion Horseshoe Tournament: Doug Kuppel (left) and Jackson VanStrom (right), along with tournament coordinator Michael T. Pagano.

The Pagano Family celebrated 64 years at Willow Creek among the grape vineyards where some of them were born years ago.

The event was started with a welcome speech by Masters of Ceremony, Michael T. Pagano and Joseph Bowers

A short business meeting was held after dinner. A moment of silence was given for Paul Nigro and Bob Flint, who have passed away since the last reunion, and all the deceased from the family.

The following guests were welcomed: Bob George, Steve Sheldon, Alexsis Jakubowski and Shelbi Bartholomew.

As is tradition, a “Rotation of Birthdays” was celebrated. This year, all members and guests with birthdays in May and June were announced as the crowd sang Happy Birthday. The birthdays included Mike Caine, Ron Bowers, Doug Daniel, Bernice Spinley and Marianne Bowers for the month of May, and Tom Tedesco, Connie Mahaney, Roseann Carlson, Paul Carlson, Biaggo Pagan and Anthony Tedesco for the month of June.

Prizes were given out for a two-way tie for the first reservation received to Charles Ricotta and Steve Kathy Pagano from Erie.

Michael Caine kept the children busy with all kinds of games, prizes, and a pinata.

Prizes were also presented to the oldest male family member present, who was Tom Tedesco, and the oldest female member present, who was Nina Tedesco, and the youngest male family member present, Tim Sheldon, and the youngest female family member present, was Cecelia Pagan. Also a gift was awarded to Doug Jennifer Daniel from California for traveling the farthest. They were presented with gift certificates from Dollar General and gifts for the children.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the presentation of the winners of the horseshoe contest. First place winners were Jackson Vanstrom and Doug Kuppel and second place winners were Matthew Buresh and Mike Caine. They were presented with a trophy and cash prize.

Many raffle prizes were presented to the family members. A money raffle was won by John Pagano, who donated it back to the reunion, and Kathy Pagan. Grandchildren were born this year in the Judski family and the Heaney Family. Also announced was the upcoming marriage of Shelbi Bartholomew and Christian Restivo. Also congratulations were given to recent graduates from high school. They were Michael T. Pagano, Jr., Grace Restivo, Jacob Malette and Marisa Pagano. Graduating from college was Jay Pagano. Also recognized was Joseph Bowers for making Eagle Scout this year.

A catered dinner was served at 1 p.m. and pizza and wings at 3 p.m.

Joseph and Emily Bowers were in charge of the ticket sale and Ron Bowers took the family picture.

Helping at this reunion were Beverly Pagano, chairperson, Linda Williams, Bruce Valvo, Doug Kuppel, Joe Dolce, Chris Paul Pagano, John Jay Pagano, Michael T. Pagano, Jenn Restivo, Ron Bowers, Joseph, Emily and Sam Bowers.

A new committee was appointed for the 2019 reunion. They are Beverly Pagano, chairperson, Linda Williams, Michael T. Pagano, Dick Dolce, Pat Valvo family, Jamie Pagano, Ron Marianne Bowers, and Joseph, Emily and Sam Bowers.

Family members came from Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, California and the local villages and cities.

The next reunion will be held Saturday, July 27, 2019.

Joseph Bowers and Michael T. Pagano closed the meeting.