Dunkirk High School names their NYS Business and Marketing Honor Society

Pictured are 20 students (four juniors and 16 seniors) from Dunkirk High School and are the proud members of the NYS Business and Marketing Honor Society for 2019. To be accepted into the NYS Business and Marketing Honor Society, students must earn two or more credits in business courses and earn an 88 percent average or higher in those classes, as well as have an overall GPA of 80 percent or higher. This impressive honor will be signified by the seniors who will wear their blue and silver honor cords at graduation. Students are pictured from left to right, starting in the front row: Erica Rojas, Norberto Salazar, Nelson Rosario, Brisa Garcia, Jericha Petrella, Gabrielle Loeb, Keirsten French. Second row: Zoe Loeb, Hannah Ellman, Isabella Surma, Mackenzie Gugino, Madyson Ask, Zoey Zappie Michaela Geffert. In the back row: Autumn Rivera, Olivia Yerico-Piazza, Koty Leeper, Malaquia Soto, Yasmin Flores-Raynor, Emily Baker.