Dunkirk Business Students Win BEEP Scholarships

Congratulations to Olivia Yerico-Piazza (right) and Zoe Loeb (left) for winning one of the BEEP (Business and Education Employability Portfolio) scholarships. Olivia and Zoe completed their portfolios in Mrs. Dawley’s BEEP class. They were chosen to represent Dunkirk High School in the interview scholarship competition and were honored at a breakfast held at Michael’s Banquet Hall in Hamburg on May 31. The students competed against 20 other students from various school districts. Scholarships were awarded in four tier groups. Olivia was awarded Tier 1 and Zoe was awarded Tier 3 scholarships. “I am very proud of the leadership skills these girls demonstrated during the competition and throughout the year,” said Mrs. Dawley… “Congratulations!”