There’s still time to take in summer

It’s the time of year where we’re all spending more time outside, and more time together.

If you’re in the same boat as me, then you have some kids who are home from school this summer, and you may need some things to keep them occupied.

Here are just a few ideas but remember that you can cherish those moments anywhere as long as you’re actually spending time together.

Having meaningful conversations with your kids sometimes starts from doing nothing at home with them.

Don’t buy into that social media pressure that you need to go to big fancy resorts or spend a ton of money to enjoy your kids; it just isn’t true.

There’s so much pressure on parents these days to be perfect, for their kids to get good grades, and be socially behaved and perfect, to have the perfect summer, and be wearing the best clothes, all the time.

Social media has stolen a lot from us in this way. No one has the perfect family, and we shouldn’t expect it from others. So instead of trying to have the perfect summer, just have a good summer making memories and enjoy your kids.

Quit sweating all the small details and don’t worry about giving your kids perfection, just give them your time.

As always, thanks for reading and happy summer from hbk!

¯ Read.

¯ Draw with sidewalk chalk.

¯ Fly kites.

¯ Go to the creek.

¯ Go to the beach.

¯ Build a sand castle.

¯ Find a new playground.

¯ Go swimming.

¯ Climb rocks.

¯ Pick berries.

¯ Go to the library.

¯ Visit Niagara Falls.

¯ Camp on the trampoline.

¯ Have a campfire.

¯ Play in the sprinkler.

¯ Bake something as a family.

¯ Catch fireflies.

¯ Watch fireworks.

¯ Feed ducks.

¯ Splash pad.

¯ Play a board game.

¯ Go to a fair.

¯ Cook dinner together.

¯ Make s’mores.

¯ Put together a puzzle.

¯ Visit the overlook.

¯ Play with water balloons.

¯ Go see a movie.

¯ Visit a waterfall.

¯ Go for a bike ride.

¯ Breakfast for dinner.

¯ Go to a museum.

¯ Make an art project.

¯ Get ice cream.

¯ Paint rocks.

¯ Find a frog.

¯ Go fishing.

¯ Ride in a boat.

¯ Have a home day.

¯ Play frisbee.

¯ Have a race.

¯ Jump in puddles.

¯ Ride a roller coaster.

¯ Give some old toys away.

¯ Take your dog to get ice cream.

¯ Have a squirt gun fight.

¯ Watch the sunset.

¯ Make a giant ice cream sundae to share.

¯ Go hiking.

¯ Try something new.

¯ Roll down a hill.

¯ Make the biggest picture ever.

¯ Make necklaces together.

¯ Walk on a nature trail.

¯ Pick some fresh produce.

¯ Have a picnic.

¯ Play catch.

¯ Have a play.

¯ Write a book together.

¯ Build a box fort.

¯ Blow bubbles.

¯ Play hopscotch.

¯ Play with hot wheels outside.

¯ Make paper airplanes.

¯ Play hide and seek outside.

Katy Wise is a Fredonia resident.