94th Glasier Family Reunion held Aug. 4

The 94th annual Glasier reunion was held on Sunday, Aug. 4 at the Stockton Firemen’s grounds. It was opened with prayer by Pastor Cliff Cliver before a tureen luncheon. There were 64 individuals that attended. President Jason Trippe presided over the meeting. Sandy Cliver, secretary/treasurer, passed around the secretary/treasurer’s reports, address sheet for additions/corrections and a sign-in sheet.

Deaths: Since last year’s reunion, the following death occurred: John Mastor from California in February 2019. A moment of silence was held for him.

Births: Owen Matthew Dern – Great Grandmother June Mastor and her daughter Deb Grandmother; Madilyn Leone born Aug. 29, 2018 – Parents Scot and Betsy Leone, Grandparents Ken and Anne Purcell, and Great Grandmother Dottie Rexford; Daxton born in California – Parents Ashley and Derik, grandparent Randy Shickler and Great Grandparents Kathy and Roger Shickler.

Marriages: Ashley Wise and Nat Luciano June 2019

Prizes were given to the following individuals for the following reasons:

Oldest male at the reunion: Ken Wise

Oldest female at the reunion: June Mastor

Person who traveled the farthest to the reunion – June Mastor from California, Tom Mastor from New Mexico, Tim Dailey from New Jersey and Rob and Carol Glasier from Alabama.

Youngest person at the reunion was Willow Glasier, age 2

Persons attending Glasier reunion for the first time were Tom Morton and Ashley Glasier.

Person who took the farthest trip since the last reunion was June Mastor who traveled to England.

Person who had an anniversary closest to Aug. 4 was June Mastor, July 28.

Jim Cliver had the oldest coin with him.

Pat Glasier was able to guess that Mike Pompeo is Secretary of State of the U.S.

Rob Glasier was able to guess that Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York.

Lena Elliott and Cliff Cliver (and Sandy too) attended church on the morning of the reunion.

Jim Cliver was able to guess that August Glasier was the original owner of the buggy located in the Chautauqua County Fair Historical Building.

Thank you to each of the individuals below for doing the following:

Cold drink/pop: Steve Glasier; coffee: Kevin Wise; hot dogs: Jason and Kathy Trippe.

For 2020: place for reunion: Stockton Firemen’s Grounds Pavilion #1

President: Jason Trippe; Vice-President: Steve Glasier; Secretary/Treasurer: Sandy Cliver; coffee: Kevin Wise; hot dogs: Jason and Kathy Trippe; cold drink: Steve Glasier.

Jason Trippe was auctioneer for the White Elephant sale. Many conversations were enjoyed. The hat was passed for donations to cover the cost of the reunion.


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