January Rotary Student of the Month for Fredonia High School

Alicia Kluck

Alicia Kluck is a senior at Fredonia High School. She is grateful for the honor of being the Rotary Student of the Month of January. Her parents are Jim and Holly Kluck, and have been supportive and encouraging with every activity she partakes in. 

Since a young age in middle school, it was important for her to be successful with her grades. She has always felt that if she had good grades, she was being successful — which seems to hold true. She loves challenging myself in her day-to-day life. Being in two AP courses last year and being a 3-1-3 student this year, she definitely feels challenged. The 3-1-3 program has given her the opportunity to take courses that are different than the average high school class. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society, which she is the president of. She also was selected to be a citizen of New York State Empire Girls 19. Through this, she learned leadership skills, communication skills, and rolls that citizen play in government. 

From the age of nine, Alicia started playing tennis. She has taken lessons, gone to tournaments, and attended summer tennis camps every year. She has been on the varsity tennis team since ninth grade. Junior and senior year she was captain of the team. Being captain has taught her leadership and helpfulness to encourage others to be the best they can be on the team and off. Her high school record was 32 wins and 2 losses throughout the four years. Being on the tennis team has shown her that it’s not just about winning every game, it is important to enjoy the sport and wanting to improve. She also was on the track team until sophomore year until she switched to play golf in the spring of her junior year. Making this decision was tough for her, but she had much more fun being on the team and learning something brand new. 

The most important subject in her life is music. She started playing the violin in fourth grade. Ever since then, she has loved playing and enjoying making music. In sixth grade, she started learning solos and taking private lessons. In eighth grade, she knew that teaching music was what she wanted to do in her life. She participates in the string buddy program at school and teaches fourth-grade students. She plans to go to college for music education to eventually become an orchestra teacher. Making music is amazing, but teaching music is more rewarding and fulfilling for her. Besides orchestra in school, she is also a member of the FHS pit orchestra, Southtowns Youth Orchestra, and Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra Side-by-Side. She has attended local summer music festivals for the past three years, two of which she was concert mistress. She has participated in All-County and Area-All-state music festivals for the past few years. Her biggest accomplishment as a violinist was being accepted as a member of the 2019 NYSSMA All-State Winter Festival. The experience from All-State brought her so much knowledge and many memories that will last forever. 

She is incredibly grateful for being selected as the Rotary Student of the Month. Everyone who has taught her, coached her, or influenced her throughout her life has shaped her to be the well-rounded student that she has become and she is truly grateful for it. 


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