Awareness program starts Monday

Karate Educational partners, The Family Martial Arts Center and The Karate Kidz Zone of Chautauqua County will sponsor a free “safety and awareness” program for all county residence ages 2 to 18 years of age from Monday to Oct. 31.

The seminars will be hosted at 355 Central Ave. Fredonia, next to Family Video. All participants should wear relaxed clothing i.e.: sweats and a tee shirt. Details are accurately described below.

The program will offer students an opportunity to grow their decision-making skills:

¯ Learn how to be responsible and accept consequences for their actions

¯ Learn how to make good health and diet choices

¯ Learn how to make good substance choices. Saying no to drugs and alcohol

It will also help participants grow their interpersonal skills. The program is offered at no cost and is a one-week program. Register by calling 672-6683 or just stop by.

Feel free to log onto www.thefamilymartialartscenter.com for more information. Programs will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Since being granted reopening of The Family Martial Arts Center, we are complying with all the guidelines and requirements to maintain a high quality of safety and cleanliness for all Students and families. Social distancing and masks are required.


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