Gowanda names top February students

Sammy Buthy

GOWANDA – The Student Council of Gowanda High School named five outstanding Panthers as Students of the Month for February. Honorees are selected based on the following attributes – collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity – otherwise known as The Four C’s. These skills and characteristics are central to the district’s mission and values.

¯ Sammy Buthy for collaboration: “Sammy is a great student to have in my science class. She collaborates with peers during group work and she isn’t afraid to offer answers during instruction and discussion. Sammy is a dependable student and comes to class ready to work. She is motivated and doesn’t waste any time getting her work done. Sammy deserves to be recognized for her outstanding work and collaboration within our science classroom.” — science teacher Ms. Jacquie Shields”

¯ Patsy Griffith for collaboration: “Patsy has put a tremendous amount of effort into her musical development this year. She is playing at a high level and contributes in earnest to the collective effort during band and lessons.” — music teacher Mr. Jacob Swanson.

¯ Lily Nuwer for critical thinking: “Lily has demonstrated throughout the school year that she is an excellent student in Global Studies. She asks relevant questions and shows responsibility with going above and beyond the expectations given in class. Lily is very personable and takes the time to have conversations beyond the academic landscape.” – social studies teacher Mr. Timothy Smith

¯ Autumn Pupo for creativity: “Autumn actually exemplifies all four of the characteristics we strive for here at GCS. Autumn is always handing in beautifully designed projects and creatively written papers. She collaborates with her classmates to ensure that everyone understands the concepts. In translating authentic pieces of Spanish writing, Autumn is able recognize and decipher meaning though breaking down words and drawing from prior knowledge. She is a wonderful student who brings sunshine to her class.” – foreign language teacher Ms. Barbara Dempsey

Patsy Griffith

¯ Connor Wilson for collaboration: “Connor is such a wonderful member of the Gowanda High School community. He is an active member of the GHS GSA, bringing positive change to our school environment. He played a phenomenal role in the musical and contributes in his classes in such a meaningful way.

He often pops into the Counseling and Main Offices as he passes by and brings a smile to our faces, every time.” – guidance counselor Ms. Jen Mattimore

Lily Nuwer

Autumn Pupo

Connor Wilson


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