Dunkirk Library lists memorials for June

June memorials have been announced by the Dunkirk Public Library. They include:

In memory of John “Jack” Brenecki

The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection, Buckley Jr.

At the Wire: Horse Racing’s Greatest Moments, Bowen

In Memory of Mary Ellen Briggs

Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade, Charles

Never Too Late, Steel

Finding Things, Henkes

Mermaid Helper, Rosenthal

The Perfect Place, Pena

Chloe and Maude, Boynton

Just for the Summer, Abby

In memory of Donald Brisky

Legends of the Buffalo Bills, Schultz

Henry, Like Always, Bailey

Dandy, Dyckman

The Ocean Gardener, Anganuzzi

Act of Defiance, Clancy

NY Yankees: Curated History of the Bronx Bombers, Feinsand

Tales of the Yankee Clipper, Weeks

Life After Power, Cohen

The #1 Lawyer, Patterso

In memory of Rosamund Burns

Flores and Miss Paula, Rivero

The Uncharted Flight of Olivia West, Ackerman

Musicals, Paige

In Memory of Paul L. Burt

The Edge, Baldacci

100 Bike Rides of a Lifetime, Smith

In memory of Joseph Catalano

Don’t Trust Cats, Petty

Jump for Joy, Ruella

The Big Cheese, John

Love is in the Little Things, Jones

Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears? Jenkins

Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain, Graziano

The Concrete Garden, Graham

Hornbeam All In, Rylant

I Want 100 Dogs, McAnulty

Hippos Remain Calm, Boynton

Turbo’s Special Delivery, Reagan

Wintergarden, Fox

Bear’s Big Dreaming, Rosen

Brave Little Bear, Small

Dragonboy & the 100 Hearts, Napoleoni

Woof! 100 Fun Facts About Dogs, Nat’l Geo Kids

There’s A Bear in Your Book, Fletcher

I Am Mister Rogers, Meltzer

In memory of Edna Irene Cope

The Girl from the Grand Hotel, Aubray

In memory of Mary Ann Corsoro

You Are Part of the Wonder, Doyle

A Flicker of Hope, Harmony

Story of the Titanic, Noon

Summer is Here, Watson

If You Spot a Shell, Sicuro

Go and Get with Rex, LaRochelle

The Elephant and the Sea, Vere

Hello Sun, Downing

Gabby’s Dollhouse 5-minute Stories, Gabbys

Zoom! Zoom! Schaefer

Swim School, Bluey

Whatever After Sugar and Spice, Mlynowski

In memory of Ronald G. Couchman

America Fantastica, O’Brien

The Armor of Light, Follet

In memory of Barb Danielson

The Paris Assignment, Bowen

Valiant Women, Andrews

The Last Masterpiece, Morelli

In memory of Phyllis Fellinger

The Long Way Back, Baart

The Burnout, Kinsella

In This Moment, Meyer

A Winter in New York, Silver

Santa & Company, Michaels

All You Have to do is Call, Maher

Her Secret Hope, Gray

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Wiggs

Just Once, Kingsbury

The Ball at Versailles, Steel

Fall Baking, Taste of Home

The New Cooking School Cookbook, Fundamentals

Delish One Pan, Delish

Sew Cute Quilts & Gifts, Matsuyama

Taste of Home All-American Cookbook, Taste of Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Quilting, Caputo

The Happiness Plan, Mallery

Upside Down, Steel

Recipe for a Charmed Life, Linden

Christmas at the Shelter Inn, Thayne

I’ll Bake, Mendez

Bake.Flour.Sugar.Joy, Kartes

Sewing for the Home, Arbuthnott

The Friendship Club, Carr

Letters of Comfort, Brunstetter

The Bright Spot, Shalvis

Always Remember, Balogh

Fresh Start Quilts, Etherington

Complete Guide to Sewing, Reader’s Digest

Chasing the Horizon, Steel

Second Act, Steel

In memory of Jack L. Freeman

City in Ruins, Winslow

Harbor Lights, Burke

In memory of Thomas Herdzik

How Dinosaurs Went Extinct, Dyckman

How to Trap a Leprechaun, Fliess

Las Vegas, Fodor’s Travel

If These Walls Could Talk:Boston Celtics,Maxwell

History of Las Vegas,Captivating History

In memory of Walter “Wally” Jusko

When Buffalo Stood Atop of the Sports World,Maiorana

Buffalo Sabres, Clarke

In Memory of Cal Jacob Kawski

Love and Hugs Spring, Colliston

Love and Hugs Winter, Colliston

A Hug From Heaven, Whiston-Donaldson

Pearl Loves to Sing!, Dunrea

I Have an Angel, Feldman

In memory of Mary Ellen Kimmitt

Disobedient, Fremantle

In Memory of Gerald “Jerry” Kozlowski

Our Ancient Faith, Guelzo

V is for Victory, Nelson

Brought Forth on this Continent, Holzer

Five Days in November, Hill

In memory of Kasey Rae Lennertz

The Secret Puppy, Webb

Duke, Larson

Muffy & Valor, Beckstrand

Ellie’s Story, Cameron

Dog Diaries, Klimo

In Memory of Joan McCraig Lyons

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share, America’s Test Kitchen.


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