Area police

Gowanda Police Department

¯ On Dec. 5 at roughly 6 p.m., Melissa L. Walker, 37, of Gowanda was arrested for 35 counts of petit larceny. Gowanda Police received a complaint from a village business where Walker was employed. An audit, as well as video surveillance, revealed Walker cashing out customers, voiding certain purchases, then stealing the money from these purchases, in addition to Walker stealing cigarettes without paying for them. The total value of all of Walker’s thefts was $161.82. Walker was contacted on Dec. 5, turned herself in, and was released on an appearance ticket for the Town of Collins Court.

¯ On Dec. 14 at approximately 11:32 a.m., Brandi A. Reese, 23, and Timothy A. Reese, 27, both of Gowanda, were arrested on warrants. Gowanda Police previously arrested Brandi A. Reese for criminal possession of stolen property and Timothy A. Reese for petit larceny. Both failed to appear in court to answer their respective charges. On Dec. 14, both were located by patrol, arraigned after their arrest to Town of Collins Court, and released on their own recognizance to reappear at a later date.