Area police

Evans Police Department

¯ On July 19 at roughly 9:38 p.m., patrol stopped a vehicle on Eden Evans Center Road for a muffler exhaust system violation. The driver was identified as Kimberly L. Winn, 45, of LeRoy, and a subsequent run of her driver’s license through ENTPortal allegedly revealed it to be suspended. Winn was placed under arrest and charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and muffler exhaust system violation. Winn was transported to Evans Police for booking, her vehicle was impounded and she was issued traffic tickets.

¯ On July 19 at about 11:54 p.m., patrol observed a vehicle speeding on Southwestern Boulevard. Patrol turned around and allegedly observed the vehicle weaving and traveling onto the shoulder of the road. Patrol initiated a traffic stop, and as the vehicle was stopping, the passenger side tires left the pavement and went into the ditch briefly, before making a complete stop back on the pavement.

Patrol made contact with the driver, Timothy A. Weaver, 51, of Evans, and could immediately smell alcohol on his breath, in addition to impaired motor coordination, slow speech and red, glassy eyes. Patrol asked Weaver if he’d been drinking, to which Weaver replied he’d had three to four beers at his friend’s house and was purchasing more. When Weaver exited his vehicle to perform sobriety tests, he had to use the frame for balance twice.

Patrol asked Weaver if he had any disabilities, to which Weaver stated, “I have a permanent broken right leg.” Weaver then failed several sobriety tests and refused an initial breath test before he was placed under arrest and charged with DWI, speed in zone, refusal to take breath test and failure to obey traffic device. Weaver was transported to Evans Police for booking and was again advised of his Miranda Rights and DWI warnings, but still refused a chemical breath test, and became verbally uncooperative with patrol. Weaver’s vehicle was impounded and he was later released with traffic tickets to a sober friend.

¯ On July 21 at around 6:22 p.m., patrol received reports of a vehicle stuck on the beach. Upon arrival, patrol found the vehicle in question stuck in Big Sister Creek. Patrol was then approached by the owner and driver of the vehicle, Donald J. Seel, 64, of Amherst.

Seel stated he was allegedly showing his grandkids that the vehicle was capable of crossing the creek when the vehicle became stuck. Seel also reported that he contacted multiple tow companies, but none were unavailable to assist him. A New York state Department of Environmental Conservation officer also responded to the scene because the vehicle was stuck in a protected creek. The DEC cited Seel for “non-permitted disturbance of a protected stream.” Seel’s vehicle was eventually towed and impounded. Seel was charged with use of motor vehicle on any beach and given an appearance ticket.