Five trash bags of marijuana bring charges against two

STOW — Troopers out of State Police in Jamestown have charged two Cleveland residents after they were found possession of five garbage bags of marijuana on Interstate 86 on Friday afternoon.

Troopers charged David Gobeille, 68, with driving while intoxicated and first-degree criminal possession of marijuana 1st degree and vehicle and traffic infractions. Also charged was Rimas Cecys, 68, with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana.

Troopers conducted a vehicle and traffic stop on I-86, Exit 8 on-ramp in the town for multiple traffic infractions. While interviewing the operator, Gobeille and the passenger, Cecys, a strong odor of marijuana was detected. Troopers conducted a vehicle search and located five garbage bags containing freshly cut marijuana plants. The bags of marijuana were seized as evidence and secured at Jamestown.

During the interview, Gobeille exhibited factors of impairment and a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluation was requested. Gobeille was arrested for DWI after failing field sobriety tests. Both men were taken into custody and transported back to Jamestown for processing.


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