TRC United Employees Association donate to hurricane victims

JAMESTOWN — Service providers, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals employed at The Resource Center and represented by TRC United Employees Association worked with their elected union representatives to donate $400 toward Hurricane Harvey relief through coordination with their state-wide affiliate, the New York State United Teachers.

TRC United Employees Association represents roughly 600 health care providers throughout Chautauqua County, and provides essential services to disabled individuals in communities across the county. Many Association members are low-wage service providers and find it difficult to pay their bills, yet found it important to do something to support hurricane victims. “We just thought it was critical to reach out and help those who have lost so much and suddenly may have nothing at all,” remarked Association co-presidents Doug Taulbee and Shelly Williamson in a joint statement. “While we work so hard to boost the quality of life for disadvantaged members of the Chautauqua County community, we know that we are also part of a larger community. The suffering felt by the people hit by Hurricane Harvey might seem far away, but if there is something that our union and our members can do to help, we are going to do it.”

The New York State United Teachers is currently accepting donations and coordinating relief efforts from individuals, unions and union members all over New York State. Check out their webpage at for more information.