Jamestown Community College honors employees

Several Jamestown Community College staff members were recognized for their contributions and service during a recent program.

The President’s Award for Excellence and State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence were presented by JCC president Cory L. Duckworth to Keith Kranick, Center for Continuing Education director, and Elizabeth Yager, senior financial aid technical assistant. The award reflects the recipient’s self-improvement, efforts on behalf of JCC, and excellence in professional activities.

Employees recognized for their years of service to JCC included:

5 years: Stacey Allen, Luke Brainard, Kyle Brown, Liam Callahan, Megan Churchill, Beth Coughlin, Kayla Crosby, Maree Dunn, Taylor Flores, Karen Fuller-Markham, Adam Gould, Dorene Hess, Devin Johnson, Jodey Johnson, Richard Ortiz, Tamara Racino, Amanda Signorino, George Sisson

10 years: Elizabeth Booth, Chrystal Brown, Eileen Goodling, Jody Perrin, Barbara Russell, Grant Umberger

15 years: Lori Jordan, Travis Wells, Pamela Walker, Deidra Hansen, Keith Martin

20 years: Denise Burbey, Tracey Kwiej, Philip Rose

25 years: Wendy Burns, Scott Welka, Edward Cole, Rachel Galway, Jeffrey Joy, Paula Snyder

30 years: Daryl Dye

35 years: Susan Gordon-Brainard

40 years: Elmer Gibbens