DFT Communications announces Robert Sciarrino Jr. as vice president of network

Robert Sciarrino, Jr.

The past year has been one of excitement and growth at DFT Communications. With millions of dollars of upgrades to the fiber-optic network, the furthering of a Wi-Fi education campaign; leading to better customer experiences, and more community partnerships than ever before, DFT is securing its place as a technology backbone in the region.

With upgrades in infrastructure, though, comes a necessity for shifting in employee responsibilities. To that end, DFT has announced Robert (Rob) Sciarrino Jr. as the new Vice President of Network.

Born and raised in Westfield, New York, Sciarrino Jr. came to DFT in 2009 with an already exemplary resume of knowledge and first-hand experience in network operations. Having started in the industry as an intern at the age of 15, Sciarrino Jr. worked his way up from the bottom; learning the complexities of telecommunications throughout the early years of Broadband ADSL, during what many consider the glory days of traditional telephony services. He studied at the State University of New York at Fredonia and Empire State College.

Since then, he has held a number of positions at DFT Communications, including Network Technician, Senior Network Engineer, and Network Operations Manager. His expertise and certifications encompass a broad spectrum of telecommunication technologies such as the legacy Nortel DMS-500, Genband C15, Calix (C, E, F, B Series), Adtran (ONE/DWDM, DLC), Cisco Systems (CCNA/CCNP, ONS), Ciena, Broadsoft, 3CX, Fujitsu (Flashwave) and the former Taqua Technologies. 

As part of his new responsibilities, Sciarrino Jr. will be overseeing much of the day to day operations of the network at DFT Communications. This includes updated Broadband delivery systems, fiber to the premise and large scale carrier transport systems; like those provided by AT&T and Verizon.

“With fiber to the premise, we’re trying to get every individual organization set up with fiber optic or wireless technology,” he said. “It’s part of getting us into the next generation of Broadband.”

Sciarrino Jr. explained that he is looking to the future to help DFT maintain its place as a high-end regional telecommunications provider, a goal that can only be achieved by staying on the cutting edge of technology.

“I’m extremely excited for this opportunity,” he said. “I’m looking forward to continuing to be a part of this company and securing its growth with emerging broadband technology. I’m grateful to be trusted to help lead the charge into the future.”

Rob currently resides in Dunkirk with his children, Mikaela, 8, and Riley, 4. After time as a fire chief, training officer, EMS captain, he maintains an active role as a volunteer firefighter with the East Dunkirk Fire Department.

About DFT Communications

Founded in 1898 in Arthur R. Maytum’s grocery store, DFT has been serving Western New York for 121 years. DFT Communications is a family of companies linking neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business.

Over the past 121 years, we’ve updated equipment, expanded services and added subscribers.  DFT Communications and Netsync offer residential and business Internet Services, Digital Phone Service, Business Telephone Systems, Security Systems, IT Management Services and Wireless Communications. DFT has proven itself as a premier service provider in Chautauqua County and throughout Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the services offered by DFT Communications by going to www.dftcommunications.com.


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