Pronto Mart Brings Fresh Produce to the City

Jamestown, NY – Pronto Mart is a locally owned corner store at 708 East Second Street in Jamestown, New York. It is a popular place for many locals in Jamestown making it the perfect location to become a healthy retailer. Pronto Mart has partnered with Chautauqua County Health Network under the Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) Grant to sell healthy options so that all residents can have access to fresh healthy food. The Creating Healthy Schools and Communities Grant is a five-year initiative that seeks to improve the health of communities through increased physical activity and nutrition. One of the ways CHSC works with communities is through their work with local independently owned corner stores, such as Pronto Mart.

“Stores like Pronto Mart, with their dedication to serving the local community, are wonderful places to collaborate with” said Community Project Coordinator Mikayla Certo. “Owner Abdulla Abuhamra has been working closely with Healthy Retail Consultant Molly Howell to select the perfect produce, create an appealing display, and plan a wonderful event.”

On August 13th from 10-11:30 a.m., Pronto Mart, in conjunction with Chautauqua County Health Network, will have a grand opening to celebrate the new healthy options offered at the store. All are welcome to attend. There will be elected officials and candidates, free food demonstrations, and healthy items that can be purchased.

About Chautauqua County Health Network: Chautauqua County Health Network (CCHN) is a rural health network partnering with the local healthcare community, including four hospital organizations, thirteen primary care practices, Office for the Aging, and Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care, among many other community-based organizations. CCHN has two subsidiary companies – Chautauqua Integrated Delivery System (IDS) which is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) comprised of 140 physician members and Chautauqua Region Associated Medical Partners (AMP), an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and part of the CMS Shared Savings Program.

More information about CCHN and its community projects can be found at www.cchn.net.