Reed co-sponsors bill to boost aid for technical education

Rep. Tom Reed co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to expand access to financial aid for technical education programs. The JOBS Act expands Pell Grant eligibility to qualifying short-term training programs to help more Americans gain access to industry recognized credentials.

“Nationwide, there are currently more job openings than there are Americans who are looking for work. With employers clamoring for more qualified workers, these jobs are untapped opportunities,” Reed said. “The JOBS Act is critical for hard working people in New York who don’t want to pursue a traditional degree, but want the opportunity to advance their careers and achieve a better future.”

While there are currently several resources to help people achieve traditional college degrees, the need for aid to attend shorter-term training programs has gone largely unfulfilled. As a result, those wishing to pursue a post-secondary education pathway other than a traditional degree are often overlooked and industries across the country are facing growing skills gaps. The JOBS Act fixes this problem by extending Pell Grant eligibility to qualified programs that are between 150 and 600 clock hours and at least eight weeks in length, meaning students from all walks of life will have access to the training and skills needed to tap into the existing job market and succeed in a 21st Century economy.

This bill provides the companion to legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Tim Kaine (D-VA).


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