DFT Communications responding to COVID-19 spread

DFT Communications has been closely monitoring developments regarding the ongoing spread of COVID-19 — novel coronavirus — both domestically and abroad.

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff and community. With the overwhelming concern of COVID-19, we believe the best way to be prepared is to be educated. We encourage everyone to do their research on COVID-19, and to be sure that the information you are getting is from a credible source. The CDC has compiled an FAQ on the coronavirus, to help educate the community on what this virus is, who is at risk, and how we all can take measures to prevent its spread. You can find the CDC information on COVID-19 here: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html.

Remember, everyone can follow these simple steps to avoid illness:

¯ Avoid large gatherings where illness can spread.

¯ Wash your hands several times a day for at least 20 seconds. If hand washing isn’t immediately possible for you, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a back-up solution.

¯ Avoid direct contact with others, especially if they appear sick.

¯ If you are sick, stay home to avoid spreading your illness to others. If you are unable to stay home, then remember to cough or sneeze into your arm or a tissue or wear an appropriate medical mask to reduce the likelihood of others catching your illness.

What can you do?

¯ Make use of our free remote services like live webchat and online bill pay, or by paying your bill by phone.

¯ Do not come into our offices if you are sick, or if you have a family member who is sick.

¯ If you need to schedule service, our Customer Service team will ask you questions regarding whether or not you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been asked to voluntarily quarantine yourself. We ask you to answer these questions honestly, so that our team of technicians can take the appropriate steps to protect themselves from infection if a home visit is required.

¯ Be patient and plan ahead. No one knows how severe this outbreak will be, or how long it will last. If your school, business, or organization shuts down for a certain amount of time, realize that this will increase demand for our services – and it would likely be during a time when we have more staff out as well.

¯ Beware of scams related to the Coronavirus. The Federal Trade Commission has released an article with details on what you can do to avoid these scams. You can read more here: www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2020/02/coronavirus-scammers-follow-headlines.

What is DFT doing?

¯ Key staff are preparing and testing the implementation of working remotely. This will allow crucial operations to continue for our customers should the need arise.

¯ We are reviewing our business continuity plan including the existing pandemic plan. We will be prepared to enact further measures if the need arises. Customers will be notified of further information via our website, Facebook page, and through email.

¯ We are actively encouraging sick employees to stay home and seek medical attention. Employees who are well but have potentially sick family members at home are also being requested to stay at home.

¯ DFT employees are being asked to curtail business and personal travel, especially to areas where the outbreak of the virus is suspected.

¯ Staff is performing ongoing environmental cleaning. Surfaces are being disinfected on a regular basis.

In addition, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak DFT Communications is now offering free internet service to households with students K-12, college students and individuals required to work from home. To qualify for this offer, you must be a new DFT Communications Internet service sign-up, and geographic limitations may apply. See our ad or call 673-3000 for more information.


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