Fredonia native scoops up smiles with business

Fredonia’s Maitland Langworthy had a dream for years of having her own ice cream business. It’s a dream that made sense to anyone who knew her. After all, she chose to go to college to become an elementary teacher. So she obviously enjoys being around children — who happen to be big fans of ice cream! So why wouldn’t she want to start her own business that would surely have many young customers?

This was all put on hold when COVID-19 hit in March — precisely when Maitland was beginning her business plan and preparing to graduate from Niagara University in a few months. Maitland’s dream seemed like it was not meant to be for a while with the quarantine put in place and so many questions about the near future. But Maitland Langworthy doesn’t give up easily and she is certainly not afraid of hard work. The former Fredonia High School athletic standout was a four sport athlete during her entire high school career — something few have ever done. So after some conversations with her parents Judy and Todd Langworthy, she decided to see if it was still possible to begin her dream summer business and start selling ice cream. After speaking with the Chautauqua County Health Department about the prospects — and their encouragement — Maitland Langworthy decided to start her business during a pandemic and remain positive. So, she purchased her business trailer and all the equipment she would need to start “Serving Up Smiles” — her new business.

With the support of the community, Langworthy began her business at the end of May and has not looked back. Perry’s Ice Cream was thrilled to work with Maitland and they have supported her every way imaginable since day one. She has thrived as an essential business during a time when many wondered if she would have any chance of surviving. Maitland has arranged regular weekly stops in Brocton, Westfield, Sheridan, Van Buren and Hanford Bay. The people in these communities have embraced her as a new businesswoman and have been very vocal about how good it is to see a young person who is not afraid to work hard for what they want. One older customer recently passed along a message to Langworthy after stopping by her trailer, stating how impressed she was and that she was “the best ice cream server ever”. Maitland Langworthy continues to expand her business, with bookings for private parties steadily filling up her calendar along with special visits to local summer youth programs and the Chautauqua Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Langworthy has also continued her summer job, as a counselor for the Campus and Community Children’s Center, where she has been employed full time for the past five summers. Her summer of 2020 also includes taking 12 credit hours towards her master’s degree, as well as interviewing with local schools for another dream job – becoming an elementary teacher this fall.

Serving Up Smiles has their regular stops and menu listed on their Facebook page for people to check out online. The business will wrap up it’s first summer in September, with the hope that all of the large festivals that Langworthy planned to be a part of this year will be back in 2021 so she can “serve up” even more smiles next summer. She may be reached for private events by email at maitland.langworthy@gmail.com or by phone at (716)410-3139.


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