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Working with small businesses to sell products and services is one of the core functions of your Chamber of Commerce. This has been a tough year on most small businesses in Chautauqua County and for that reason the Chamber has put a focus on, and increased resources toward, helping businesses increase their sales.

The Chamber of Commerce offers several services to help businesses increase their sales. The Chamber’s Gift Cards stay in Chautauqua County as they can only be redeemed with local participating businesses. The program has over 150 participating businesses from across the County and has had a more than $3 million dollar impact on our local economy.

This year the Chamber launched a marketing program designed to help businesses leverage Facebook ads to grow their customer base, communicate better with customers to develop stronger relationships, turn customers into loyal fans and track the return on investment. This is a great way to increase sales while also building an email and text list. Businesses that are currently using this service are seeing significant returns through increased sales.

The Chamber is a referral machine. These are referrals to local businesses that lead to sales opportunities. Between direct and web-based resources the Chamber makes over 40,000 referrals per year. Often consumers looking for specific products or services will call our office or find local businesses through our online business directory. These are valuable opportunities for local businesses to secure new sales.

The Chamber is involved in event production all across the County designed to drive foot traffic to local businesses. In a non-pandemic world, the Chamber would have fostered over 100 events this year that attract people into our business communities. Programming such as the Westfield-Barcelona First Fridays, Mayville-Chautauqua’s President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival and Jamestown’s Doors Open are examples of event programming that bring consumers to the doors of local businesses.

There is more to come, stay tuned as the Chamber of Commerce will make a major announcement soon about a new resource to help small businesses sell their products and services.

We are here to serve businesses and be a connection point for business to consumers. If you have any questions regarding the Chamber’s services please give us a call at 484-1101 or 366-6200, email cccc@chautauqauchamber.org or find us on-line at www.chautauquachamber.org.


Our local business community is rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19. It is a pleasure to see so many local businesses stepping up their game to provide goods and services in new and creative ways. From mask-wearing to online meetings to extra cleaning precautions to outdoor dining and much more, businesses and employees throughout Chautauqua County have been patient and responsive, all in the name of keeping workers and customers safe and keeping their businesses open.

We understand that COVID fatigue is real. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage everyone to continue to make safety a number one priority. With cases on the rise in Western New York we cannot let down our guard. Especially now, as families have sent children back to classrooms, it is imperative that we continue to be cautious.

The statewide business shutdown in March was a painful reality for so many: business owners and managers, employees who lost jobs, and families who struggled financially. Our goal now must be to avoid such drastic measures in the future.

We urge everyone to stay the course. Please maintain social distancing as much as possible and wear a mask in public places. While it is tempting to get back to large gatherings and social situations that feel more “normal” we are not there yet. The virus has not left our midst and we can see that clearly in the daily counts provided by the Health Department.

Stay safe and help keep our businesses open.


Each year the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce recognizes the dedication and efforts of people and organizations countywide during our Annual Awards Banquet. This year we will do the same, but we will do it online. The Virtual Awards Banquet is October 8 at 6 p.m. We will pay tribute to a number of individuals and organizations as follows: Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year Award will go to the Small Business Revolution Committee and the Business Selected for Season 5; the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Award is going to The Chautauqua Center. Community Service awards from each Community Chamber of Commerce will go to: Dunkirk — Roberto Fred; Fredonia — Michele Joy; Hanover — Betty Valvo; Jamestown – Russ and June Diethrick; Mayville-Chautauqua — Burl Swanson; and Westfield-Barcelona — James “Shaggy” Ruch.

We encourage all participants to get a delicious takeout meal from one of our many local restaurants or caterers and enjoy your own private ‘banquet’ experience while you watch our awards presentation online. To learn more visit our web page at www.chamberrsvp.org.


With a demonstrated history of providing cutting edge plans to deliver health insurance to our members, the Chamber is positioned to serve businesses through a private exchange that includes insurance products and ancillary benefits through multiple carriers. For some businesses the New York State of Health is the best fit for their needs. We work with our members to access a wide variety of plan options and ancillary benefits available through the State exchange. For our medium and large size businesses we partner with Lawley Benefits Group. Through this partnership we are able to offer innovative cost saving solutions to our members as well as help our members address health insurance compliance requirements. We are constantly looking at and implementing innovative ways to lower costs and provide the most cost effective insurance possible for our members. To learn more about the Chamber’s health insurance and ancillary offerings please contact our Director of Finance and Insurance Services, Holly McBride, at 499-6607 or hmcbride@chautauquachamber.org.


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