Holiday campaign marks ‘the little hospital that could’ challenge

The Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation 2020 Annual Campaign, is focused on growing the foundation’s new endowment initiative: “The Little Hospital That Could,” to guarantee funds for the continuation of important hospital services for years to come.

WESTFIELD — The Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation 2020 annual campaign is focused on growing the foundation’s endowment to guarantee funds for the continuation of important hospital services for years to come.

The campaign slogan, “The Little Hospital That Could,” reflects on the hospital’s stellar history of providing care while at the same time recognizes the hospital’s future needs.

Members of the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors have served a foundation founded more than 40 years ago to support a unique community hospital that cares for both the Western New York and Eastern Pennsylvania rural community. The board is asking the public’s help to boost the endowment, which will help ensure the survival of the hospital for years to come. Previous contributions have made it possible for the hospital to survive amidst recent wide-spread closures of rural community hospitals throughout the United States.

Already in partnership with Allegheny Health Network, AHN-Westfield Memorial Hospital has acquired two sub-zero freezers compatible with the first available COVID-19 vaccine.

Still short of its 2020 campaign goal, foundation board members are asking all who have yet to give to do so by the year’s end. Donors have a chance to double their contribution now that a number of loyal supporters have pledged to match dollar for dollar donations that come in between now and the end of the year up to a total of $10,000.

“The once-every-100-years pandemic has shown just how essential our rural hospital is to the communities it serves,” said Patricia Gaughan DiPalma, foundation executive director, noting how the long-term effects of the coronavirus outbreak will be profound for years to come.

A recent mailing to past and potential donors noted the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation Annual Campaign had begun; all are invited to join by returning their gift to the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation, 189 E. Main St., Westfield, NY, by Dec. 31.

“The time to help us create a sustainable future for our organization is more evident in the aftermath of the deadly virus than ever before,” said Dr. Kathryn Bronstein, foundation board president. “We hope the community will invest in a healthy future and give to this new endowment initiative now. If you value having a hospital close by, please make a tax-deductible donation of any size to our campaign. Every gift is important to meet our goal. You too, can be a hero to your hospital and community by sending your gift today.”

For more information, email DiPalma at patricia.dipalma@ahn.org, call 793-2338 or visit the foundation’s www.westfieldhospitalfoundation.org.

In addition to emergency care, the hospital provides an array of services, including ambulatory and short stay surgery, outpatient diagnostic services, physical therapy: post-op; general; lymphedema, pain management; pelvic floor health, back care using the McKenzie method and health fitness; cardiac rehab, imaging, women’s diagnostic services, digital mammography, laboratory, diabetes education, nuclear stress testing, wound and infusion clinics, inpatient care, and a specialty services suite that includes OB-GYN services, general surgery, telehealth – endocrinology, gastrointestinal (gi), orthopedics, cardiology and diversified hearing services. Westfield Memorial Hospital also provides primary care services at the Chautauqua Institution during its nine-week summer season.


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