New mammography technology comes to Brooks-TLC

Janis Szot, front, is shown demonstrating the fit of the Genius3D Mammography Unit’s SmartCurve paddle with Registered Mammography Technologist Martha DiLuca. This new technology is available through Brooks-TLC’s Radiology and Imaging Department.

The Brooks-TLC Hospital System is among the first healthcare sites in the Western New York to offer the SmartCurve breast stabilization system, exclusively available with Genius3D Mammography exam which provides the Brooks-TLC interpreting physician with the ability to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, and also decrease the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

These innovations come as part of Brooks-TLC’s ongoing commitment to superior breast cancer detection and providing an improved mammogram experience for its patients through its Mammography Unit, which recently received accredited by the American College of Radiology Accreditation.

This new technology increases diagnostic confidence with its exceptional images and has the potential to increase screening volume and compliance for the countless women who have reported avoiding regular mammograms due in large part to the fear of discomfort associated with breast compression.

The SmartCurve system in use by the Brooks-TLC hospital campus since last June, detects more invasive cancers, reduces false positives, and is FDA approved as superior, compared to conventional 2D mammography for all women, including those with dense breasts.

“These new technologies not only enable us to improve the experience for our patients by providing them the more comfortable mammogram they’ve been waiting for,” said Ken Morris, chief operating officer at Brooks-TLC, “But more importantly, they allow us to do so while maintaining clinical accuracy by giving our physicians the industry’s fastest, highest resolution technology to accelerate screening and analysis. We remain committed to presenting the women of our community the most advanced breast care possible, alongside a better mammogram experience.”

The SmartCurve system features a proprietary curved surface which reduces pinching and allows a better distribution of pressure during the exam itself. During a recent clinical study, among women who previously experienced moderate-to-severe discomfort, 93 percent noted improved comfort. Additionally, among those surveyed, 95 percent said they would recommend going to facilities utilizing the SmartCurve system.

“Thanks to a strong commitment to our patients and community, the hospital has acquired the superb Hologic 3D Dimensions tomo synthesis mammography unit with the most advanced technology including computer assisted (Genius AI) detection, said Jon Muntz, M.D., lead interpreting physician and chairman of the Brooks-TLC Department of Radiology. “This will absolutely assist in early breast cancer detection and reduce the number of call backs. We have all been seriously impressed with the image quality.”

For more information about Brooks-TLC’s Genius3D Mammography with the SmartCurve System, or to schedule an appointment for a mammogram, please call (716) 363-3933 today. The Brooks-TLC hospital campus Mammography Unit is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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