Westfield Boat Works helps get to waters

Pictured are Kim and Blake Maras who have opened Westfield Boat Works.

WESTFIELD — Set an open course for the Westfield Boat Works.

It’s now been three months since Kim and Blake Maras opened their business in Westfield.

You would not always think of Westfield when thinking of boats. It’s not on the shores of Lake Erie or Chautauqua Lake and reputation is everything when it comes to putting something seaworthy.

Whether it’s detailing a boat, painting or repairing an engine the Westfield Boat Works is one-stop shopping.

With plenty of experience at a number of marinas throughout Chautauqua County, Blake Maras has a wealth of experience in all areas involving boats of all shapes and sizes.

While he’s busy fixing boats his partner and wife handles all the paperwork.

With plenty of referrals along with social media, the Westfield Boat Works has a bright future. Located at 37 East Pearl Street Westfield.


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