Number of active COVID-19 cases drops to 98

The number of active COVID-19 cases within Chautauqua County dropped by 26 from Thursday to Friday, County Executive PJ Wendel announced during a press conference in Mayville. Wendel said there are currently 98 active cases.

The county executive announced eight new COVID-19 cases, of which six are in the north county, none in the western portion, one in the south county and one in the eastern portion.

To date, 470 county residents are in quarantine/isolation as well as 252 people under domestic traveler quarantine.

“I urge everyone, if you’re planning on traveling, that list changed in the middle of the week,” Wendel said. “Ohio was not on the list. They are now on the list.”

Two people with COVID-19 remain hospitalized as of Wednesday, the latest date of available information. The county executive noted this is “well, well below our capacity.”

There have been 450 total recoveries in addition to 10 fatalities, 558 total confirmed cases and 38,013 negative test results.

Wendel noted Friday that the county, as a result of a mandate by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will begin reporting positive cases by zip code beginning Monday. The county will also no longer report age and gender for those confirmed to have the virus.


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