Seneca Party taps Matt Pagels as candidate for president

IRVING AND SALAMANCA — The Seneca Party has selected a full slate of candidates for the upcoming Seneca Nation elections in November. Following the party caucus, Matt Pagels, the current Seneca Nation Treasurer, was chosen to lead the Seneca Party ticket as the candidate for President.

“Our party members have given me their trust and confidence to lead the Seneca Nation and to represent the needs of the Seneca people,” Pagels said. “I am honored to run as the chosen Seneca Party candidate, along with all of the outstanding candidates selected in (Friday’s) caucus. The Seneca people have my word that, if elected, I will work every day to ensure a strong future for our Nation, our people and our future generations.”

In addition to Pagels, current Seneca Nation President Rickey Armstrong, Sr. will be the Seneca Party candidate for Treasurer, and Marta Kettle, a current Deputy Clerk, will be the candidate for Seneca Nation Clerk.

Seneca Party members also chose eight candidates for the Seneca Nation Council. The four candidates from the Allegany Territory are Josh Becker, Arlene Bova, Al George, and Tim Waterman.

The four Council candidates from the Cattaraugus Territory are Eliot “Chub” Jimerson, Lisa Maybee, Presley Redeye, and Keith White.

A total of 55 candidates were on the caucus ballot, including 19 candidates for the eight Council seats. In addition to the executive and Council positions, Seneca Party members also chose candidates for several other Nation offices.

“The challenges our community has faced this year, including the health and economic challenges brought on by the global pandemic, have been extraordinary,” said Scott Snyder, the nine-term Seneca Party Chairman. “The Seneca Nation needs – and the Seneca people want – strong, determined leaders to help the Nation our important goals. The Seneca Party has provided that leadership for decades, and our 2020 slate of candidates will continue to move our Nation forward and work to create a better way of life for all Seneca people.”

In the last Seneca Nation election two years ago, the full slate of Seneca Party candidates was elected to office, with Armstrong winning the race for President by a wide margin.


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