More thoughts dished out on food truck fees in Fredonia

OBSERVER Photo Pictured is the Fredonia Village Hall.

Should the village of Fredonia not charge food trucks at all coming in for festivals for the year of 2021?

That was the question posed by Trustee James Lynden at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting.

“We were just discussing how short the village is on funds and I do understand the economic impact of COVID,” Lynden began. “Is it possible that we could consider helping these food trucks by going to a $100 per event as opposed to the $500 annual? I’d hate to see us lose a 100% of the fees, but a reduction is fine.”

Lynden cited that food trucks are for-profit businesses as are the 120 brick and mortar businesses in the village and as such expects them to share in the costs of the village operations and further pointed out that Festivals Fredonia asks them for a fee to cover the costs of their operations.

“Are we prepared to do for the businesses that serve this community 365 days a year? Are we prepared to do something for them too?” Lynden further asked.

“My proposal as is stands,” Mayor Doug Essek stated. “It’s a one year thing, I can’t imagine that we were getting so much income from the $500 that it created an excess in our income.”

Essek added that he and Lynden had spoken privately about offering the businesses in the village something, but became upset that Lynden seemed to be contradicting himself in his opinion.

“We discussed what we can do for brick and mortar businesses, but you kind of talk out of both sides of your mouth. You want to have something happen, give some credit to brick and mortar and in the same sentence you’re saying we can’t reduce revenues,” Essek noted.

No vote was taken on the issue during Monday’s meeting.


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