Fredonia government rates above average for transparency, organization says

The village of Fredonia has received a B grade from the New York Coalition for Open Government. A non-for profit and non-partisan organization that is dedicated to addressing transparency in government issues.

Recently the group took a look at villages throughout the state and their reporting habits on their websites and Fredonia was one of the random locations selected.

“We take a look at 20 areas across the state, for this report we focused on village governments, we do it all across the state, there’s nine regions we looked at, we tried to do at least two from each region of the state,” Paul Wolf, president of the organization stated.

The criteria that the group focused on were four items in particular, the posting of all meeting minutes for 2020, the posting of meeting agendas, the posting of meeting documents with the agenda and are public comments allowed during the meeting.

Complete coverage in Friday’s edition.


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