Boil-water order remains in place for Fredonia users

Fredonia water users must continue to boil water.

Mayor Michael Ferguson offered an update on Friday noting that at 9 a.m., divers were in the tank for the final day of cleaning. Once acceptable levels of clarity are reached, water tests will be conducted.

“We must pass two tests for two days to lift the boil order,” he said. “We expect, possibly Saturday we will get the green flag. We will keep you updated as progress continues.”

Fredonia’s boil-water order was issued on Wednesday. It was the fourth such order in 14 months for village users.

Water must be brought to a rolling boil for one minute then cooled prior to use. Boiled or bottled water must be used to wash dishes by hand; dishes should be allowed to completely air dry after washing.

Home dishwashers that reach a temperature of 170⁰F and have a full dry cycle do not need boiled or bottled water. The water may be used for bathing as long as it is not consumed. The water is safe for laundry.


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