Funding adds boost to Westfield project

WESTFIELD — More funding is coming for a village project, U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy announced on Wednesday.

An Appalachian Regional Commission grant in the amount of $131,514 for the Village of Westfield’s Downtown Redevelopment Project has been announced. This funding will help transform a vacant lot near the waterfront.

“Westfield is situated near beautiful Lake Erie and serves as a hub for tourists and Chautauqua County residents alike,” said Langworthy, who represents Congressional District 23 in New York state. “This grant will revitalize the downtown area by creating an event space, improving pedestrian access, and expanding parking options — which will encourage economic growth and support local businesses. Projects like the Westfield Downtown Redevelopment are essential to combating population loss and unemployment rates in the Southern Tier, and I’m committed to fighting for more of these opportunities for our region.”

According to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the project will build a 300-seat amphitheater and park space, creating opportunities for new events and programming in downtown Westfield by updating a vacant property. The associated construction of formal access to the Chautauqua Creek waterfront and the Welch Trail will similarly attract visitors and act as an economic generator.

In addition to ARC funds, local sources will provide $30,000, and state sources will provide $450,040, bringing the total project funding to $611,554.


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