Jamestown City Councilwman endorses Mitrano

PENN YAN — Democratic Congressional candidate, Tracy Mitrano, running in New York’s 23rd District, recently received the endorsement of Jamestown City Councilwoman Vanessa Weinert. Weinert, who was born and raised in Jamestown, was sworn onto the Jamestown City Council in January.

About her endorsement of Mitrano, Weinert said the following:

“I am proud to endorse Tracy Mitrano for Congress. Tracy has all the qualities we desperately need in the 23rd. Out of all the candidates running, she has the most well-rounded background and the expertise needed to confront the many challenges facing our district. Our district is complex and constituents have many different political ideologies, and it will take a candidate who can bring us all together to win in November. Tracy was born and raised in Western New York and has lived her adult life in the Southern Tier. She appeals to people from many walks of life and across the 23rd. I firmly believe she can unite this district.

Tracy’s plans on important issues such as health care, infrastructure, jobs, education, and income inequality are equally impressive. A lot of development is happening in downtown Jamestown right now. Growing up in the City of Rochester, Tracy witnessed firsthand urban development. As a member of the Town of Ithaca’s Planning Board for 10 years, she can appreciate the housing issues that Jamestown faces. She wants to invest in municipal utilities even for the internet. Tracy has a futures-focused, creative vision for this District to bring about the economic growth we need.

Our community also wants to feel inspired by a candidate. The first time I met Tracy at an event in Jamestown, she had the entire crowd in awe and excited about working together to turn this District around. People of the 23rd want to feel like their voices are being heard and understood by its elected representatives. They want a candidate with a fresh perspective and one that will fight for them. That is what Tracy is all about.”