It’s back to ‘Pi School Prom’ at Fredonia’s student math, science challenge

The strategically timed theme of “‘Pi’ School Prom” will take center stage at the 18th annual Math and Science Challenge at the State University of New York at Fredonia that will welcome over 350 high school students to the campus today.

Students, arranged in teams, will be challenged to work together and creatively apply various aspects of mathematics and science in seven unique events or activities that reflect the revered high school tradition.

The challenge opens with Prom Smadness, which strengthens the understanding of mathematical operations while also sharpening problem solving skills and fostering teamwork. From there, teams will engage in events with the following titles: “Perfect Prom Planning,” “Promposals are for Geeks,” “One Step (and Song) Song Closer to Graduation,” “Copter Crashin’ the After Party” and “Pimp My Limo Ride.”

The final event, “The Real Pi School Prom Math and Science Skills Challenge,” consists of four activities: “Kevin Bacon’s Blind Date Dance Off,” “Quantitative Prom Queen or King — Our Best Guess,” “Pennied Promposal” and “Prom Pics in Perpetuity.”

Challenge activities will be staged from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in McEwen Hall, Steele Hall, Fenton Hall and Science Center. The event is free to students enrolled in participating school districts.

Developing a greater appreciation for the applicability and power of mathematics, science and engineering is the goal of the Math and Science Challenge. While many awards will be presented, along with T-shirts and Fredonia gear, faculty in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, which conducts the event every year, say the goal is to provide students with inspiration to pursue a career that incorporates mathematics, science and/or engineering.


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