Gowanda Police add Facebook page

GOWANDA — The Gowanda Police Department has started its own Facebook page recently, in hopes of helping the community to become more involved with the department.

Dennis Feldmann, Chief of Police for the village of Gowanda spoke at the village board meeting in July and spoke highly of the excitement the department has in being so accessible.

“We started a Facebook page so we could reach out to the community and any questions they might have for us,” He stated. “We’re going to be doing an ‘officer in charge’ corner, where we can give out tips, winter parking bans, why we do things. When they (the community) reach out with questions, we’ll be able to answer them in the same kind of format. This way we can become more approachable to our community and our citizens that can’t get to us that might have legal questions, traffic questions, problems with neighbors, building code questions. Also students in a school that are doing projects, they can reach out to us as well.”

You can visit the Gowanda Police Facebook page at facebook.com/GowandaPD.