What’s the buzz about bees, pollinators?

Have you enjoyed the sweet taste of an apple, peach or blueberry this week? Did you know those tasty fruits are the result of the hard work of pollinators like bees, birds and other insects? Join Adrienne Ploss of Hickory Hurst Farm as she highlights the daily duties of nature’s farmers – the pollinators! Ploss will look beyond familiar bees and butterflies that pollinate our flowers to observe the work of pollinators like bats, beetles, birds and other animals. Find out how to attract pollinators to your garden as she leads you on an exploration of theses critters, the plants they pollinate, and their nesting sites on a walk through Long Point State Park.

The free program kicks off at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Attendees should wear appropriate footwear, and meet at the trailhead to the Point.

For more information contact Amelia Staver at 386-3165 ext. 208 or email at Amelia.Staver@parks.ny.gov


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