City of Dunkirk announces commencement of the Pier and Harborfront Improvement Project

Mayor Wilfred Rosas is thrilled to announce the commencement of the City Pier and Harborfront Improvement Project.

“This project is one that has gone through many revisions in order to comply with the various concerns of our residents, businesses and fishermen; but I believe the final result will be well worth the time it has taken to get us to this point,” Mayor Rosas stated. “We are extremely excited to see this project break ground. We want to thank the community for all of the input we have received during our design process. These improvements are not only going to provide additional amenities and aesthetics for our residents, but will also improve the safety and maneuverability at the pier and harborfront. I am asking for the community’s patience over the next few months of construction. While I too, am anxious to get back out on the pier and enjoy our waterfront, I know the finished product will be worth the wait.”

The construction on the pier will begin on Monday, April 8 and will be closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic until Aug. 10. Additional information on the closure, and project timeline for the Pier & Harborfront Improvement Project, will be available on the city’s website as the project progresses.

Starting on Monday, the city’s contractor, NOVA, will be placing fencing and cones in the construction area and pier access will be restricted to construction personnel.

All boat launch and marina activities will remain open for the entire construction period. If there is need to dock along the pier, residents are asked to please contact Holiday Harbor to make arrangements within their docks.

Mayor Rosas will be holding a Pier Project ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday, April 11 at 12:30 p.m.


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