‘Bucket of Junk’ at the Chautauqua County Fair

Again this year the Chautauqua County Fair is excited to continue the Bucket of Junk department in Floral Hall for juniors (ages 17 and under).

Exhibitors will be given a bucket or bag containing various items often considered “junk.” The exhibitor will then be challenged to make a creation using the contents of their bucket. All buckets will contain the same number of items and be as close to identical as possible. The goal is to use ALL these items (but not the bucket or bag) in their sculpture. Exhibitors will be allowed to paint, finish, bend, shape, bolt, glue, cut, fasten, sand, or clean their items BUT no items may be added.

A “bucket of junk” can be reserved now by calling the Fair Office at 366-4752 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting now. Once you have reserved one of the buckets, you will be able to pick up the bucket in the Fair Office starting Monday, June 17. It will be on a first come basis for the buckets.

There are 12 buckets available for under 12 years old and 5 buckets available for ages 12 to 17 years old.

The exhibitor will bring their creation and the bucket (bag does not need to be returned) to Floral Hall on Saturday, July 13 to have it entered in the Fair.

More information is available in the printed 2019 Exhibitors Fair Book under Dept. 220 or the online 2019 Exhibitors Fair book at www.chautauquacountyfair.org