Dispense recertified as Registered Municipal Clerk

Allison Dispense of the Town of Pomfret has been awarded recertification as Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC) by the New York State Town Clerks Association for achieving its high educational, experience and participatory requirements. Dispense has been serving as town clerk since June 2013 and is also a member of the NYS Town Clerks Association. She attained her designation as RMC through a combination of numerous hours of education and leadership in various professional and civic organizations.

This statewide certification program was launched in 1997 in conjunction with the NYS Association of City and Village Clerks. The program aids clerks in improving job performance and recognizes the professionalism of the municipal clerk’s office. Specific education and experience requirements must be achieved before this prestigious designation of Registered Municipal Clerk is awarded. Qualifications of applicants are reviewed and approved by the NYS Town Clerks Certification Committee.